Feminine Sterilization within the Costa Rica, 1940 in order to 2020
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Feminine Sterilization within the Costa Rica, 1940 in order to 2020

Sterilization is tremendously common experience so you can female internationally, and it is the most common birth control practice global. Costa Rica, where the use of contraceptives was general, is regarded as the individuals countries all over the world with the high prevalence out-of feminine sterilization. In the Costa Rica, feminine sterilization are homogeneously delivered, frequent among feminine surviving in outlying and you can urban zones, together with one of those of varied informative profile. Compared with just what one may expect because of the history out of abusive birth control practices when you look at the Latin The usa, this new “problem” from sterilization from inside the Costa Rica might have been presented from the female and physicians the exact same much less the latest “need” to possess preventing its play with but alternatively because an effective “struggle” getting growing availability if you can. Surprisingly, most recent rates out of sterilization have been hit regarding lack of a formal program giving sterilization to have birth-control aim plus the latest framework of an incredibly restrictive legal structure because of its supply. It wasn't up to July 1999 one sterilization for contraceptive purposes was explicitly controlled and you can enabled. Prior to you to definitely season, it absolutely was merely very-named therapeutic sterilization which had been legally acceptance. Sterilization is allowed to be provided only for health causes. Significantly, successive motions meant truthfully so you're able to expand access to this surgery in this the official healthcare program was basically know as a consequence of control officially limiting its provision. This on occasion counterintuitive history of the new provision and you may controls from sterilization into the Costa Rica was assessed.


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Feminine sterilization is the most common birth prevention behavior global. For the 2013 , 19 % of women aged fifteen so you can forty-two, hitched or in connection in the world, had experienced sterilization. 1 in 2015 , feminine sterilization accounted for 30 percent of your birth-control explore one of married or perhaps in union women old 15 to forty two regarding the globe. 2 Whether or not sterilization having birth control motives is an increasingly common technology so you're able to feminine around the globe, its explore try highest for the development countries, particularly in Latin The united states plus the Caribbean. 3 Of many countries all over the world, such as for example the ones from development regions, have observed really serious violations out of sterilization. The permanent profile of the businesses makes it “ideal” to have managing breeding, and feminine, and less seem to, dudes, inside regions instance Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the usa, Canada, Asia, and you may Slovenia was in fact sterilized facing their have a tendency to, was basically coerced to just accept sterilization, or was in fact misinformed regarding the irreversible reputation on the term regarding eugenics, inhabitants manage, and you will societal health, certainly most other reasons. 4

Costa Rica is among those countries in the world to the higher prevalence off women sterilization, which have twenty five.5 % of women (married or cohabiting) within ages of 15 and you may 49 sterilized for the 2015 . 5 Located in Central America, seemingly worst regarding GDP for each capita and you will quick in dimensions and you will populace, Costa Rica is known into the high standard away from living of its populace, the consequence of an enormous social money one been within the 1940s. six Inside the Costa Rica, individuals have typically 8.eight many years of authoritative education, which have 57.8 percent which have went to senior high school and higher levels of degree, in addition to society has also a beneficial socialized program of drug which takes care of 95 percent out-of residents. eight Feminine have seen the means to access contraceptives as the later 1960s; contraceptives are typically available with the official in almost any forms. 8 Currently, 77.8 per cent of one's feamales in union from reproductive many years make tuo sivusto usage of contraceptives. 9 When you look at the Costa Rica, sterilization is homogeneously delivered, common among female living in rural and you may metropolitan areas, in accordance with diverse training profile. 10 The great majority of sterilizations were given in the personal medical facilities in the place of personal establishments, that have 95 percent of all women that during the 1999 said getting sterilized with been through this new procedures on personal defense healthcare facilities. 11